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Save your ears from the hassles and discomfort of face masks without jeopardizing your safety! gollie Bands are the ultimate ear saver, making any mask fit perfectly for all day comfort and protection.

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20 - 49 $2.25
50 - 99 $2.10
100 - 1000 $1.98
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The Ultimate Face Mask Ear Saver

Relieve the discomfort face masks put on your ears. Face masks help keep you, your loved ones, and your employees safe. By taking the pressure off the back of your ears, gollie Bands allow you to stay safe and secure, comfortably. Save your ears from soreness brought on by pesky face mask straps.

The Perfect Fit for any Face Mask

Is your mask too tight on your face where you feel like you’re suffocating? Or do you have a little one at home who can’t fit in theirs? gollie Bands turn any sized face mask into the perfect fit with our fully adjustable face mask extenders. Wear them high, wear them low, wear them any way you want; gollie Bands make the most comfortable fit in any situation.

Eliminate “Lost Mask Syndrome”

We hear it all the time: “Where did I put my mask?” “My child left their mask at school?” “I had my mask in my lap and it accidentally fell on the floor”. Forgetting your mask is irritating, and dropping it is certainly unsafe, especially in public places. With gollie Bands, no more lost masks. Simply hang your mask around your neck until you need it, and slip it on easily, safely, and securely.

Long-Lasting and Fully Adjustable Mask Extensions

Every gollie Band is made of premium quality, durable, and LATEX FREE materials, providing you with ultimate comfort and ease of mind knowing the band won’t break. gollie Bands are also soft, hand-washable, and adjust to fit any size needed.

Hearing Aid Friendly

Unlike other face mask extenders and ear savers, gollie Bands provide the same comfort and security to all who need it, even those who require a hearing aid or devices. gollie Bands work for every head shape, every face mask, and every person who needs one.

Additional information

Göllie Band SizeApproximately 28.5cm (11.25) x 2cm (0.68) with 2 (two) Sewn nuttons
Göllie Mask SizeApproximately 20.6cm (7.6) x 13.7 cm (5.3) Earloops made from quality elastic
Tag StyleStandard, John 3:16 Edition available for orders of 200ea göllie bands in 1 (one) order
Weight1 oz
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Some göllie™ bands may have a loose thread similar to when you purchase a new shirt. Suggestion, but not required simply take a moment and carefully trim the string with scissors. göllie™ Industries LLC is not responsible for any damage caused to the göllie™ Band by the user in this trimming process

For all BULK ORDERS of 1,000 OR MORE feel free to call or text us at 740.739.1185 before or after placing an order.

If you wish to clean your göllie™ Band: GENTLY HAND WASH with mild detergent, RINSE, and AIR DRY

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