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WE ARE DOWN TO OUR LAST 50,000 gollie Bands…Special Pricing offer while supplies last!

Gollie Bands

The göllie Band Solution

Pain Free Comfort, Reliability, and Safety


  • Hearing aid friendly
  • Glasses friendly
  • Works with any mask with ear loops
  • Latex-Free
  • Avoid surface germs
  • Dont lose your mask again

Receive 1 FREE göllie Mask with every purchase of göllie Bands.

While supplies last

WE ARE DOWN TO OUR LAST 50,000 gollie Bands…Special Pricing offer while supplies last!

See How göllie Bands Work

The difference between normal ear loops and the göllie Band is night and day. Upgrade your uncomfortable masks with göllie Band comfort ear saver.

Customize Your Fit

göllie Band is the solution to

  • Painful Ear Loops
  • Constant Adjustments
  • Improper Wearing
  • Frustration

Be Comfortable and Safe with göllie Band

The Problem with Masks

For those not used to wearing a face mask (and those who are), they can be uncomfortable and awkward. All-day wearing can become downright painful. Göllie ear saver Bands reduce the strain by repositioning the ear bands for increased comfort.

Painful Ear Loops

The ear loops on many face masks can become uncomfortable after only a short period of time.

Improper Wearing

Discomfort can lead to improper wearing as people pull their masks down for relief leaving the nose and/or mouth exposed.

Constant Adjustments

Many users are constantly adjusting their masks to relieve ear pain. The face mask ear saver reduces the pain and pressure on the ear.


Out of frustration of discomfort, some may stop wearing a mask entirely which can conflict with company policy.

gollie Band for mask comfort

Keep your mask safe and germ free

Normally, when you remove a mask, it ends up on germ-ridden desks, tables, floors and other surfaces that likely have not been sanitized. With göllie Bands, now your mask can rest around your neck, placed on coat hooks, connected to purses and backpacks… no more surfaces!

Eliminate “lost mask syndrome”

“Where did I put my mask!” Forgetting is certainly irritating. More, it can be unsafe, exposing you when you should be wearing your mask. With göllie Bands, no more lost masks. Now, your mask can easily and comfortably hang around your neck, be placed on coat hooks by the door or handily attached to personal items like your purse, tote, briefcase or student backpack. The face mask ear saver strap allows you to wear your face mask comfortably.

The easy sizing and infinite customization make wearing my mask all day possible.  As an in-home consultant for a leading tech company, it has made a huge difference in my day-to-day life!


In-Home Consultant

I love my Göllie Bands! Ear pain is gone and the buttons go with my uniform. Feel good and look good. I even love my Göllie Mask which also matches my uniform.


Systems Installer

Your Satisfaction is Our Goal

We are confident you and your staff will enjoy the new found comfort göllie Bands provide. If for any reason you are not happy with your bands, simply contact us for a full refund..

Risk Free

Risk-Free Guarantee

Not happy? Return any un-used bands within 30 days for a full refund.

Fast Shipping

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We ship all products from the United States for expedited service.

Here’s what you get…

Adjustable Buttons

göllie Bands are adjustable to provide comfort for any head size and shape.

Soft Coating

High-quality fabric envelopes the elastic to reduce the chance of snags and provide increased comfort.

Premium Elastic

We use only the best, latex free material to assure longevity even with all-day mask-wearing.

Quantity Discounts

We sell göllie Bands in bulk. Additional discounts applied the more you order. Outfit your entire organization!

Order your göllie Bands today and get your entire team wearing masks with increased comfort.

Custom orders or product questions, no problem!

If you have questions about customizing your order based on quantities or colors, or have any questions about the product or reselling, please call 740.739.1185